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Educational Toys & Science Kits

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Introduction to Educational Toys and Science Kits

As a parent one of the things you want for your child is that they get a good education and at the same time that they enjoy going to school. This school time is very important for your child, as well as learning about Math, Science and English; they also learn social skills like cooperation, sharing, helping others, following directions, the list goes on but it encompasses all you want your child to be. Children learn through play and so everyday at school they are learning about all of these important life skills. So as a parent one of the best things you can do for your child is to encourage them to learn, and there are many ranges of toys, games and activities that your child can do by themselves, or with siblings, friends or parents at home which will hopefully really strengthen their desire to learn.

Our selection of Education and Science Toys and Kits

Here in the Toy Shop we sell a wide range of both Educational Toys and Activities and also a range of Science Kits that will give children an interest in the fun things about learning. They will be learning while playing and so not realise that they are actually learning. You can also find Duracell Batteries in this room for all your toy needs.

Early Educational Learning

On the Abrick Ecoiffier shelf there is a selection of early learning toys aimed at children aged 1 to 5 years old. The play sets can be built in a variety of ways and children will love using their imaginations while they enjoy playing with the Plane Play Set or the Fire & Rescue Station Play Set.

We stock a selection of books, videos and DVDs in the Toy Shop everything from Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl to Ladybird books and Mr Men and Little Miss books. You will also find a selection of books for older children in our Book Shop.

The Casdon Role Play shelf has a some fun toys for children to learn about cooking, cleaning, shopping and money, all necessary skills for life. The Superior Kitchen by Coloma is so much fun and you can really cook up a storm using the many accessories, you may need the Hetty or Henry Cleaning Trolly when you have finished though.

The Living & Learning games on the shelf of the same name are designed especially for young children. The Who’s Hiding game is a matching puzzle for 2-4 year olds, children will love finding the animals who are all hiding around the house. The Animal Soundtracks game is for 1 – 4 players aged between 4 and 8 years old, the aim of the game is to match the animal sounds with the animal pictures.

The Mega Bloks shelf is great for children who love to build. There are lots of building blocks to make cars, houses, towers, whatever you want!

On the ZooKooBoo Activity Cubes shelf you will find a very interesting toy that is both educational and fun. It is a cube that has facts and pictures all around the outside but it also opens up to many more facts and figures. You can even look inside the human body with the Human Body Cube Book.

History and Science

The Horrible History and Horrible Science shelves have some amazing educational products on them. You can learn all about the Terrible Tudors and the Vicious Vikings from the Horrible History books. The Puzzles all come with an 8 page leaflet explaining all about the subject of the puzzle, learn about the Smashing Solar System or the Putrid Pirates. The Horrible Science shelf has a range of books and science kits. The Deadly Diseases Book will teach you all about the horrible facts about diseases and the Microscopic Monsters kit will let you take a look at all those hidden bugs in your home by using a microscope.

The National Geographic shelf has a range of educational toys which will really inspire your children. The Digital Alarm kit lets you make your very own digital alarm clock and is a great introduction to electronics. The Night Vision Goggles are perfect fro outdoor exploration; they come with a powerful flash light and a sonic ear listening device.

On the Natural History Museum Kits shelf and the Science Museum Kits shelf you will find more learning kits designed to encourage an interest in the world around us. The Solar Powered Buggy is easy to put together and runs on sun light or a bright electric light, great fun and teaches all about ‘green’ energy.

The range of toys and kits on the Scientific Explorer shelf began being made in the early 1990s, they were developed by a neighbourhood science group as they thought they would be able to bring science alive for children and it worked. The My First Weather kit for 6 years plus comes with special instruments to test the weather and you will be able to learn all about extreme weather.

On Richard Hammonds Blast Lab shelf you will find experiment kits that are based on the CBBC TV show presented by Richard. The Fingerprints kit teaches you how to find, lift, recognise, record and compare fingerprints. Also available is the Phantastic Phun, Super Scien-trific and Messy Mess.

Making education fun…

Simply select your desired category from the left-hand menu and enjoy making education fun! We really hope you enjoy looking at all the Educational Toys & Science Kits we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM and hope that you can find just what you are looking for.


BIG Traffic Lights £21.99 Insect Lore GIANT Butterfly Garden £19.70 Casdon Little Shopper Fruit & Veg Basket £7.99 Insect Lore Live Butterfly PAVILION Hatching Kit £22.90 Horrible Science Explosive Experiments £17.99 Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden Hatching Kit £15.99 Casdon Little Shopper Chip n Pin Till £16.99 Casdon Little Shopper Play Cash £3.99

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