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Learn all about Corgi

Corgi makes a range of die-cast toy vehicles. Over the years these toys have become very collectible and they are still very popular today. Corgi’s history began over 60 years ago when German born Phillip Ullmann founded his company called Mettoy in Northampton in 1933. He was later joined by another German Arthur Katz and they decided to release a range of toy vehicles as competition to the UK leaders Meccano’s Dinky Toy.

In July 1956 Corgi Toys were introduced in the UK and were manufactured in Swansea. They sold many of their toys all over the world including the best known and most popular models, the Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. In the years following Corgi grew from strength to strength, but as with many toy companies the arrival of the 1980s and the new technology toys, things became difficult for Corgi and they went into liquidation. A few new owners later Corgi was bought in May 2008 by the models giant Hornby.

Our range of Corgi

Corgi Colin McRae Motorsport shelf – on this shelf you will find a number of models as a tribute to the late Colin McRae Britain’s most successful rally driver, like his 1984 Mini Cooper 1275cc with which he won the Scottish Autotest Championship and it was also his first competition car.

Corgi Emergency Vehicles shelf – this shelf has a selection of police cars, ambulances and fire engines to choose from. Collectors both young and old will love all of these models. The Police Car models especially show cars from the past and from modern times. If you were a Police officer which would you choose, the Austin 1800 BAA Police Car from the mid 1970s or the Vauxhall Astra West Midlands Police Car from 2004.

Corgi Vehicles shelf – on this shelf you will find a selection of cars, buses, taxis, trucks and even traction engines. How about a nice trip through London on the Corgi London Scene Open Top Bus; there really is a lot to see. Or maybe you would prefer a private tour in a Corgi Black London Taxi Cab; the choice is yours!

Corgi Aviation shelf – if you really like planes and models then take a peek on this shelf and you can choose from a Spitfire, Hurricane, Harrier and many more. You could also choose the Westland Sea King HU5, this model of helicopter has been in service with both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force for over 40 years and there are still 96 in operation today.


As well as some wonderful toys from Corgi in this room in the Toy Shop at WWSM you will also find a variety of other Transport toys. Please take a look at the following shelves:

GX Racers shelf – GX Racers distributed by Flair in the UK are the only high performance vehicles powered by the GX Gyro, with GX technology. The GX Gyro spins so fast, that the vehicles can race up to 600 scale MPH, for the most Extreme speed and stunts! As well as the cars there are also motorbikes and skateboards. We all love the GX Racers Magna Snake Playset where we can watch the cars tumble and spin down the snake’s body. These toys are extreme scale car racers that drive at incredible speed and perform some cool stunts. All in 1:64 Scale

Hot Wheels shelf - on this shelf you can find the Hot Wheels range from Mattel, which follows on the success of Matchbox, with race tracks and vehicle sets. The range includes the Rev Ups Sky High Speedway Set and Rev UPS Revolution Stunt Park. Plus there are also Colour Shifters and Battle Force.

JCB Toys shelf – World renowned JCB are not only known for their real construction vehicles, but now also a range of toys. The toys on this shelf are aimed at the younger model collector. Golden Bear distribute their range of My 1st JCB vehicles, characters including Joey, Freddie, Doug and Elvis. They are made from sturdy plastic and there are quite a few that even talk, yes talking JCB's! Halsall HTI also offer vehicles and playsets, see the JCB 16”Dumptruck and Tool Bench.

Tonka Trucks shelf – Tonka first starting making toy trucks in 1947 and continue to this day, with a range of vehicles and playsets. On this shelf you will find the classic yellow Tonka TS40000 Dump truck that we all love. The Tonka brand now also makes a variety of other die cast models like rubbish trucks, and off road sets.

Explore each shelf on the left-hand side bar. We hope you enjoy looking at all of the Corgi Models and Transport Toys we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at the World Wide Shopping Mall.


Corgi Red Arrows Plane £8.45 Hot Wheels 5 Car Pack (Assorted) £11.70 Corgi Vulcan XH558 - Vulcan to the Skies £8.99 Siku Space Shuttle £6.99 Siku John Deere 7530 Tractor £6.99 JCB Toy Tool Case & Tools £12.99 JCB Construction Series BACKHOE & LOADER £8.70 Siku Volkswagen Beetle With Caravan £9.99

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