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Dolls, Prams, Soft Toys

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All about Dolls, Prams and Soft Toys

Most little girls and many little boys too love to role play and pretend play. Dolls and soft toys are the perfect toy to do this with. They can be looked after and cared for, cuddled, talked to and taken everywhere you go in their very own little pram or pushchair.

In fact the doll is a more than likely one of the oldest known toy, with archaeological evidence being found in Egyptian tombs which date back to 2000BC. The dolls were made from wood, pottery, stone and even bone. Today’s mass produced dolls are most likely made form rubber, plastic and cloth. Traditionally the doll is a toy for children, for girls, however with the introduction of action dolls they have become more popular with boys. And also there are many adults who collect dolls now too. In Japan there is even a festival to celebrate the doll, called Hinamatsuri or Dolls Festival or Girls Day which is held every year on the 3rd March and households with daughters celebrate there ‘girls’ with a display of a set of ornamental dolls, rather like how we have a Christmas Tree displayed at Christmas time.

The history of the soft toy doesn’t go back quite as far as the doll with the first commercial soft toy being made by the German company Steiff in 1880 using new technology which had been designed to make upholstery. In the early 1900s Steiff designed its first soft bear that was made out of a fur like material, at the same time as an American; Morris Michtom made the first teddy bear. Mr Michton decided to design this bear after he saw the US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt holding a bear cub. These early teddy bears looked just like real bears, unlike the teddy bears of today which have very cute features to make them more appealing.

Our range of Dolls, Prams and Soft Toys at WWSM

Here in the Toy Shop we have a great range of wonderful dolls and accessories and a huge variety of soft toys for you to choose from.

The range of interactive pets from Vivid Imaginations on the Animagic shelf are so so cute. The Animagic New Born Puppies and Kittens are available in different colours and are very appealing for animal lovers, you can even feed them with the supplied bottle. Also for animal lovers are all the plush toys on the Animal Planet shelf. Available from Character Options the cute 18” Large Plush Chimpanzee and Cheetah make authentic sounds when you press their paw. Also there is the Fur Real Soft Toys shelf with the Walking Kitten that responds to touch and purrs when they are happy. The Filly Princess shelf and the Twilight Ponies shelf are for the horse lovers out there. Two wonderful collections of pretty horses and ponies like the Filly Princess Dream House and the Flying Twilight Ponies.

Zapf Creation are the makers of Baby Annabell, Baby Born, My Mini Baby Born and Chou Chou dolls to name but a few. They are a German company and they first began making dolls in 1932. In 1991 they released Baby Born, the first doll with human functions. The later released Baby Annabell became the best selling toy in the UK in both 2001 and 2002. There are lots of Baby Annabell, Baby Born and Chou Chou dolls and accessories available on there shelves. The My Mini Baby Born shelf has a variety of miniature babies and accessories like the Fabulous Farm and the Hospital. Once you have chosen your doll don’t forget you will need the perfect pram or buggy. Take a look on the Dolls Prams & Buggies shelf for a selection of prams from brands Silver Cross, Graco, Mamas and Papas and Brio.

On the Barbie shelf you will find some products from probably the most iconic doll ever made. Barbie was brought to life my American toy company Mattel in 1959 and is still very popular today. This shelf has some classic Barbie dolls on it.

Some of the most powerful brands in the world have collections of dolls, soft toys and other toys too. Disney is just one of these; take a look on the Disney Fairies shelf  for Tinkerbell dolls and play sets. The Hello Kitty shelf and the Miffy Rabbit shelf have some wonderful products based on these amazing two characters. Hello Kitty although created by Japanese company Sanrio was actually ‘born’ in the suburbs of London on 1st November 1974. As well as some very cute Hello Kitty Plush toys there is also Hello Kitty bags, puzzles and prams. Miffy was first seen in a book written by Dutch author Dick Brune in 1955, she is not Japanese as many people think because of her similarity in style to Hello Kitty. Again there are some beautiful Miffy soft toys in varying sizes and the Miffy Classic Mug and Bowl with spoon set is very practical for little children.

The very popular brand Melissa & Doug who are known for their quality wooden toys also has a range of plush toys. Many of these toys are very large like the beautiful Giraffe plush which will be perfect in a baby’s nursery or the Black Labrador Plush who is very realistic.

As well all of the above dolls, soft toys and accessories we also stock the In My Pocket ranges including Baby, Jungle, Ocean, Pony, Puppy and Rainforest. Playing with these tiny toys is so much fun!

Explore and enjoy…

We really hope you enjoy looking at all the products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM and hope that you can find just what you are looking for. See the shelf menu on the left-hand side and have fun finding your favourite dolls, prams and soft toys!


Baby Born FOOD £5.65 Disney Frozen Elsa's Magic Snow Sleeve £21.88 Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram in DAMSON (1423234) £39.99 Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag Set £23.99 Paddington Bear CLASSIC with Boots & Suitcase 36cm £34.99 Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram in DAMSON (1423288) £38.99 Paddington Bear Traditional 46cm £52.99 Baby Born Nappies 5 Pack £7.99

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