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All About Character Toys

As you must be able to imagine the number of toys based on TV, Film and Book characters is enormous. Children love being able to ‘talk and play’ with their favourite character that they watch on the TV, or see at the cinema or even read about in a book. There are some characters that have been around for many years and have become classics and there are others that are very recent and will possibly join the classics list eventually and then there are some character toys that maybe will only be around for a year or two but they are loved just as much as all the others!

Here in the Toy Shop we stock a huge range of some of the most popular character toys that are available. We have over 40 shelves filled with toys from a variety of different characters. Please feel free to browse these shelves and find the perfect toy of the character you love. Below we have described the contents of some of our most popular shelves.

Popular Character Toys

Ben 10 is an American animated series about a boy who wars a watch-like devise, called the Omnitrix, on his wrist that allows him to turn into alien creatures, which in turn made him into a superhero defending the Earth. What little boy wouldn’t want to be Ben 10 and he can be with the Ben 10 Dress-up Costume which comes complete with trousers, t-shirt and a pretend foam Omnitrix watch. Or pretend to be Ben in the Ultimate Alien Ben’s Mark 10 Car which transforms into many different modes from just a ‘normal’ car to a plane and a submarine, wow what a car!

Bob the Builder who is a British animated television character and building contractor that first appeared on the BBC in 1999. His now very famous catchphrase and the title of a number one song is “Can we fix it?” to which his friends and talking work vehicles reply “Yes we can!” The very funny Neil Morrissey has become very well known for the voice of Bob. This TV show is loved by both boys and girls and what budding builder can be without their very own yellow Bob the Builder Hat. And if they want to learn all about the different tools Bob uses then take a look at the Tool Time Bob as when you place a tool in his hand he will tell you what it is and how to use it, and there is even a tool box to store everything.

Fireman Sam is a Welsh animated television series that is set in the town of Pontypandy and follows the lives of Sam and the other fire-fighters and the people of the town. Fireman Sam was first broadcast in Welsh on S4C (a Welsh TV Channel) in 1985 and in 1987 was shown in English on the BBC. Although the show what off the air briefly in the 1990s it is now back stronger than ever with a computer-generated series beginning in 2009. The 12” Talking Fireman Sam plush toy that says phrases from the show when you push his hand is proving to be very popular as is the Jupiter Fire Engine & Accessories Set which comes with a Fireman Sam figure.

Peppa Pig is another British animated series which was first aired in the UK on Channel 5 in 2004. It is all about Peppa who is a pig and all her animal friends, like Rebecca Rabbit, Danny Dog and Suzy Sheep. She has become very popular with pre school children all over the world and has been dubbed into the languages of many other countries. How about making some music with the Musical Band Set which includes a drum, castanets, cymbals and more, all decorated with the Peppa Pig design and sure to make plenty of noise. The Tumble & Spin Game is also great fun for children aged 3 years and over, with this game they are able to practice matching numbers and colours and learn to take turns!

Some other favourite toy ranges are Barney, Chuggington, Dora the Explorer, Fifi and the Flowertots, Phineas & Ferb, Roary the Racing Car, Shaun the Sheep & Timmy Time and the ZingZillas.

Classic Character Toys

Noddy, Postman Pat and Scooby Doo could be seen as more classic characters from children’s literature and television.

Noddy is a character created by the author Enid Blyton in 1949. The books are based on the adventures of Noddy and his friends in Toyland. The animated TV series began in 1955 and continues to this day. You can have so much fun playing with Noddy's Remote Control Car or love cuddling up with the My Friend Tessie Bear plush toy.

Postman Pat is the name of a British animated TV series set in the fictional village of Greendale about Pat Clifton, the postman on his adventures as the head of the Special Delivery Service. His black and white cat called Jess is usually always around too. The series was first shown on TV in 1981. Of course the must have toy in this range is the Postman Pat Mail Van but the Postman Pat Helicopter is also very popular.

Scooby Doo is an American animated series created by Hanna-Barbera and first aired on US TV in 1969. It is based on the character Scooby Doo who is an over exaggerated Great Dane dog and his four ‘friends’, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne who are members of the Mystery Gang Inc. The gang are there to help the town uncover all the crooks who are covering up crimes by dressing up as ghosts or monsters. To the present day this cartoon series is still well liked. The Scooby Doo Hide & Seek toy is great fun as you can follow Scooby’s clues to find wherever he has been hidden. Some other classic toys available here in the Toy Shop are Dr Who, Hello Kitty, James Bond, Pingu,, Power Rangers, Snoopy, Star Wars, Transformers, Wallace and Gromit and Winnie The Pooh.

Modern-day Character Toys

Along with all of the favourite and classic toys available here in the Toy Shop we have some more modern toys available like H.M Armed Forces, Squinkies, Teeny Little Families, Zoobles and Zhu Zhu and Kung Zhu Hamsters. The H.M Armed Forces are figures and accessories that were released in 2009 by Character Options. They were designed in conjunction with the British Army, Navy and Air Force to make sure the camouflage gear and weapons all look authentic. Have a look at the very authentic looking Army Paratrooper or the Tactical Battle Tank. Squinkies, Teeny Little Families and Zoobles are all aimed at girls aged 4 years plus and are small little creatures and accessories, with many different ones to collect for hours of fun play.

Zhu Zhu and Kung Zhu Hamsters are an American creation that the world went crazy for at Christmas time in 2009. They are ‘plush robotic hamster toys’, originally there were nine different characters. Now there are many more including Rockstar Pets and many accessories including a hamster stroller, a Car and Camper Set and even a Princess Castle. The Kung Zhu line was released in 2010; they are battling hamsters aimed at boys aged 8-12 years old.

There are SO many toys based on many different characters and we hope you enjoy looking at all of these products that we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at the World Wide Shopping Mall.


Bullyland Minnie Mouse Classic Figure £7.99 Fireman Sam 2 Figure Pack- Sam & Fire Officer Steele £10.99 WWE Big Talker Microphone 44402 £19.99 Toy Story Slinky Dog (LARGE) £16.99 Toy Story Slinky Dog JUNIOR £12.99 Fireman Sam 2 Figure Pack- Rescue Sam & Penny £10.99 Fireman Sam Playset- Mini Fire Station £14.99 Bullyland Toy Story Figure ALIEN £5.99

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