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Introduction to Meccano

Meccano is a classic toy; it is construction made easy, a model construction kit that comprises of re-usable metal and plastic with nuts and bolts to connect all the pieces together. Using this people can build a variety of different models which provides endless hours of fun for all those budding builders and engineers. With ranges designed for toddlers up to teens and older, it really is an amazing toy and a timeless brand.

Meccano began back in 1898 when Frank Hornby (of Hornby Model Trains) invented a construction toy for his own children using screws and nuts. This system was first introduced to the toy market in 1901 called Mechanics Made Easy but was changed to Meccano in 1907. A factory opened in Liverpool that same year but had to be replaced as demand grew. Factories opened in Germany and France to cope with the worldwide demand and the Calais factory built in 1959 is still the main Meccano manufacturing site. The ownership of Meccano has changed over the years but despite that it is still an internationally recognized brand that is loved by all generations.

Our range of Meccano

Here in the Toy Shop at WWSM we stock a large range of Meccano products on the following shelves:

Kids Play shelf – the range on this shelf will suit even the youngest of engineers as it has been designed with chunky plastic pieces for children aged 2+. There is a butterfly, dog and snail to name a few with a very easy assembly system just for little hands.

Build & Play shelf – the plastic parts in the kits on this shelf are colourful and flexible and allow children to build great fun models. There is an Infra Red Racing Car, a Helicopter, a tipper truck and many more to choose from. After you have built your model you can have fun thinking up lots of fun rescue stories using your Fire ATV, Police Car and Helicopter.

Xtreme shelf – on this shelf there are vehicles with an extreme look, flashy colours and various cool functions. You can use a mix of metal and plastic parts to build a Buggy, Dragster or even a remote controlled 4x4 vehicle.

Multi-Models & Special Editions shelf – this shelf has the classic metal Meccano sets. You can build an infinity of models, the only limit is your imagination. Each set varies in size, some make 3 different models other make 50 different models. There is also a range of prestigious models for both builders and collectors.

Design shelf – with the Design range on this shelf you can create your own design models. The metal parts are flexible allowing you to bend them into different more stylish shapes and they will return to their original position too. You can choose from a Motorbike, Helicopter and many more.

Tuning shelf – this shelf has a range of Tuning cars that you can build with flashy colours and lots of stickers. The cars play different types of music and have sound effects and are remote controlled.

Spykee & Robots shelf – the robots on this shelf are both high tech and innovative. Once you have built your futuristic robot you can use new technologies to control it, like WiFi, Bluetooth and voice recognition depending on the Robot you choose.

Meccano has been going for over a century and demand for this mechanical concept is still strong. We hope you enjoy looking at all the Meccano products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM.


Meccano Multimodels Rescue Fire Truck Set £12.99 Meccano Multi Model 3 Set £12.00 Meccano Dinosaurs 10 Model Set £19.90 Meccano Multi Model 15 Set £21.38 Meccano Space Quest 15 Model Set £24.90 Meccano Spykee Micro in Orange £21.99 Meccano Maxi Kit EXCAVATOR £8.99 Meccano Maxi Kit BUGGY £8.99

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