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Why Wooden Toys?

The majority of toys that we buy today are made from plastic and synthetic materials; however the first toys were made using natural materials like wood, rock and clay. These toys were often made by the parents of the children who played with them or even by the children themselves. Despite the abundance of plastic toys in the market, wooden toys are very popular. Parents like that they are simple, well made and long lasting so they can be used throughout the generations.

Here in the Toy Shop we stock two main ranges of wooden toys from Melissa & Doug and Pintoy from John Crane.

The Wooden Toys Room is divided into shelves from these two popular brands of Melissa & Doug and Pintoy. Please see below for a more detailed look at what we have to offer on these shelves.

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug began in the USA in August 1988 when Doug who was too nervous to ask Melissa to marry him decided to ask her to start a business together instead. So in October 1988 they began their toy company in the garage of Doug’s parents. In 1991 they introduced their first wooden toy, the Fuzzy Farm Puzzle. The company continued to grow and they eventually were able to move into an office building in Connecticut where they now have over 200 employees.

On the Melissa & Doug Classics shelf you can find many educational toys to encourage your child’s fine motor skills, shape and colour recognition and matching and also sequencing skills. How about the Basic Skills Board to learn how to zip, tie a lace and a belt buckle or we have Geometric stacker which is great for developing shape and colour recognition and size differentiating.

If you would love a classic wooden dolls house then look no further than the Melissa & Doug Dolls House & Accessories shelf. We have so many different style of house to choose from like the Victorian Dollhouse or the Fold and Go Dollhouse, and there is even a Medieval or Princess castle. There is also lots of furniture for every room in your house and the people to make your Dollhouse complete.

On the Melissa & Doug Magnetic, Activities shelf there are lots of fun toys for children to play with using the magic of magnets! How about the Magnetic Dress Up Doll or the Magnetic Colour Maze, where using a special magnetic wand you have to match the coloured balls to fill up the coloured animals bellies!

Pretending to cook and make food is so much fun and on the Melissa & Doug Play Food shelf there is a great selection of wooden food. There is a Sandwich Making Set where the bread and sandwich fillings fasten together with Velcro and can then be cut apart with the included wooden knife. Also there is the Cutting Fruit set where you can stick the pieces of fruit together then cut them up and ‘eat’ them!

Melissa & Doug also make a very popular range of puzzles which can be found on the Melissa & Doug Puzzles shelf in the Games, Jigsaws, Puzzles, Electronic Games & Gadgets Room.


Pintoy is a Thai company and they began production in Thailand in 1987. The products are made using rubberwood from latex plantations; they make quality products that are beautiful, traditional and fun for children and their families. John Crane distributes the Pintoy brand in the UK and has been doing so for over 20 years, and is very proud of this company that was recently awarded the Thai Green Label award.

Pinto make a wonderful range of children’s furniture which can be found on the Pintoy Children’s Wooden Furniture shelf. There are little chairs with Animal, Safari and Farmyard designs, which can be using with the Round or Square tables. There is also a Four Friend Toy Chest for storing all of your wooden toys.

On the Pintoy Construction Series shelf there is a Crane with pivoting legs, a rotating boom and operational hook along with Construction Worker figures and their equipment plus a Bulldozer, a Dumper and more.

The Pintoy Dolls House shelf has another beautiful range of Dollhouses, figures and furniture. The Marlborough Wooden Dolls House is simply magnificent and then you can have so much fun decorating and furnishing your house with Bedroom and Bathroom sets and don’t forget your Pet Accessories.

If you want to play with animals then you have a choice on the Pintoy Farm sets shelf. You will have to decide whether you want to be a dairy farmer on the Middlebrooke Farm using your Tractor or Trailer or an animal keeper in the Wildlife Park Jungle Lodge.

On the Pintoy Physical Play & Role Play shelves you will find a Pickup Trike and a Pull Along Caterpillar that will really help develop some gross motor skills. There is also a range of kitchen imitation toys, so that you can pretend to cook using the Cooker Classic and choose whether to wash up with the Sink Classic or just put everything in the Dishwasher Classic, we know what we would choose!

On the Pintoy Pre School Toys shelf there are a range of toys aimed at babies through to toddlers and preschoolers. There is a Smile Rattle for the little baby, a huge choice of classic wooden blocks and also a Happy Xylophone and Wooden Toy Drum for all the budding musicians.

As you can see our range of Wooden Toys at WWSM is very extensive, we really hope that you enjoying looking at all the products we stock.


Melissa & Doug Food Groups Set £16.99 Pintoy Smile Rattle (ASSORTED COLOUR) £4.99 Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Animals £11.99 Melissa & Doug Latches Board £20.90 Melissa & Doug Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up Doll £12.99 Melissa & Doug Dolls House KITCHEN Furniture £23.99 Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich Making Set £16.99 Melissa & Doug Pound A Peg £10.99

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