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Brio Wooden Railway

Brio Wooden Railway

All about Brio

Brio is best known for their wooden toy trains, they are also known for their quality and durability meaning the toys often last through many generations. Brio also have a range of Infant toys which we have available in our Baby Shop and a range of Wooden Toys for Toddlers.

Brio was originally founded by a Swedish basket maker called Ivar Bengtsson in 1884 in the small town of Osby, he had a catalogue of different types of baskets. In 1907 he started to make toys and in 1908 his three sons took over and founded Brio (an acronym of Brothers Ivarsson Osby). The company’s Head Office is still in Osby and the toys are still designed there. The now very popular wooden train sets were first sold in Europe in 1952.

Our range of Brio

The Toy Shop at WWSM stocks a huge range of Brio products. You can buy one of the many train sets to start with and then make it bigger by adding more tracks, bridges, tunnels and different engines and carriages – the choice is endless. There are many shelves of products to choose from.

The Sets and Play Tables shelf has so many different, fun and unique sets to choose from, fancy a Safari set or a Travel Switching set, we have it. There is also a range of train sets for children from 18months old; these can be found on the My First Railway Sets shelf. The Bridges, Tunnels & Crossings shelf has just that on it; you can choose from a Lifting Bridge or a Suspension Bridge, a Rocky Mountain Tunnel or a Magnetic Action Crossing! What type of engine would you like? The Engine, Wagons and Vehicles shelf should have what you want, a Battery powered engine, an Express Train or even the Shinkansen. We have some great additions for your train set; maybe you need a car transporter, a tanker wagon or just a bus in case your engine breaks down. Look on the Tracks, Bridges, Tunnels, Crossings shelf to find lots of extra tracks to add to your train set, straight tracks, curves tracks, and even switching tracks. If you need to add a new station to your train set or need a crane to build your longer tracks then go to the Buildings and Accessories shelf.

Brio for all ages

The Toddler Toys shelf has all the classic Brio toys for your 12 month old plus. They will love to play with the pull along Helicopter, the Shape Sorting Box and the Stacking Clown.

A Brio toy is not only educational; it’s also a joy to play with, as all good toys should be. We hope you enjoy looking at all the Brio products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM.


Brio Battery Operated Action Train 3 Pack £21.99 Brio Small Dachshund £11.99 Brio Intermediate Expansion Set £22.99 Brio Magnetic Action Crossing £12.90 Brio Mini Straight Track Pack £6.99 Brio Parking Garage £42.90 Brio My First Railway BEGINNER Pack £29.99 Brio Mighty Red Action Locomotive £21.99

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