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Hornby Trains

What you need to know about Hornby

Hornby is a household name and is famous as the UK brand leader for model railways. The Hornby range is immense. They have everything that you could possibly need to start your own model railway. Everything from electric locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons, even the model buildings, people, trees and grasses! With such a choice of products you really can create a perfect town for your trains to around.

Hornby founder Frank Hornby didn’t start by making trains. In 1901 he invented something called ‘Mechanics Made Easy’ which eventually became Meccano Ltd and one of the most classic toys of all time. It wasn’t until 1920 that Hornby first introduced toy trains. The trains were an instant success and the company quickly introduced more engines and accessories. Hornby produced its first electric train in 1925. In the years since the Second World War, Hornby has had some ups and downs; increasing pressure from competitors, take-overs, name changes.

It was in the 1970s that they became a true market leader and began making their range more attractive to the adult enthusiast. They launched a product range more for children in 1985, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, based on the TV series. Now with a product range of more than 650 current items Hornby justifiably retains the position it has held for more than 50 years as Britain’s leading model railway manufacturer.

Our range of Hornby

Here in the Toy Shop at WWSM we stock a large range of Hornby products. On the Train Sets shelf there is the exciting and varied range of Hornby train sets which has been further enhanced with the introduction of four new train sets from the ‘Caledonian Belle’ and the ‘Flying Scotsman’ to the ‘Virgin Pendolino’ and the ‘London 2012’ train set. On the DCC Sets, Power and Control shelf there is the future of model railway control with arguably the most straightforward and simple to operate digital controllers in the model railway world. The Digital Train Sets range from the ‘Somerset Belle’ to the ‘East Coast Pullman’. There is also a good selection of digital trains like the ‘Duchess of Montrose’.

If you need some coaches then we might have what you want on the Rolling Stock shelf. The Train Sets shelf has a selection of models that are a simple and cost effective way of adding to a train set or for those who wish to experiment and try their hands at developing their modelling techniques.

On the Skaledale and Lyddle End shelves you can find an amazing range of buildings and accessories to complement your model railway. To create a model railway takes much more than just trains and tracks… with the simple addition of trees, hedges, fields, grasses and rocks your railway will be transformed. You can also add lighting so your Skaledale town can appear to “come alive” as night falls. You can even add scale cars, vans and lorries for the inhabitants of Skaledale.

The Thomas the Tank Engine Sets shelf features many of Thomas’ friends including Toby, Gordon, Murdoch and one of his very latest friends, Dart. You can choose from a Train Set, the locomotives, rolling stock and many buildings and accessories.

We hope you enjoy looking at all the Hornby products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM.


Hornby Track 970mm FLEXIBLE £9.99 Hornby Track Pins £3.99 Hornby Platform Ramp Section (SINGLE PIECE ONLY) £6.99 Hornby Insulated Fishplates R920 (12 Pack) £3.50 Hornby Fishplates 12 Pack £4.99 Hornby Track R610- QUARTER STRAIGHT £3.99 Hornby Track Link Wire Pack £9.99 Hornby Track R600- STRAIGHT £3.99

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