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The history of Tomy

For more than eighty years, Tomy has developed and made many exciting and educational toys, games and video games for toddlers, preschoolers and children. Known for its innovation, quality and safety, Tomy's mission is to produce toys and merchandise that entertain and inspire children and adults.

Tomy was founded in 1924 by Eichiro Tomiyama who made tin toys in Tokyo, Japan. In the 1920s Tomiyama realised that if all the small toy companies joined together to make good quality toys they would be successful and he was right. Tomy gained its first worldwide success in the 1950s when it created one of the world’s first battery operated toys, the Bubble Blowing Elephant. In 1970 they launched a new series of realistically proportioned model cars called Tomica. Over the next 40 years Tomy continued to develop its ranges of toys for all ages and in that time acquired many licenses for some of the most popular children’s characters, like Thomas and Friends and Pokemon. In 2006 Tomy (Japan's third largest toy company) and Takara (Japan's second largest toy company) merged creating a new global force in toys, children's merchandise and entertainment and became the fifth largest toy company in the world.

Tomy at WWSM

Here in the Toy Shop at WWSM we stock a large range of Tomy products which can be found on the following shelves:

Arts & Crafts shelf – on this shelf you can find the very popular Aquadoodle, Aquadraw and the Megasketcher. These are available with many different themes and characters on them, like the Peppa Pig Aquadoodle.

Bath Time Shelf – children love having a bath and they will have so much fun with the toys on this shelf like Splashy the Penguin and the Action Rescue Centre.

Games shelf – Tomy’s most famous game is Pop Up Pirate, this can be found on this shelf along with another classic Screwball Scramble and some new ones like Flex.

K’Nex shelf – this is a toy construction system that consists of interconnecting plastic rods and connectors that fit together to make model cars, buildings and even animals. There are many sets to choose from on this shelf, from the beginner to the more experienced K’Nex user.

Play to Learn shelf – the toys on this shelf help preschool children to learn key skills through fun play. There are Hide n Squeak Eggs to learn matching and shapes and Mr Colour Maker to learn about colours plus many more fun products.

Teletubbies shelf – Teletubbies is very popular with babies and children. This shelf has all of the characters Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Lala and Po. Soft Toys with sound, Dancing Teletubbies and much more.

Tomica shelf – the world of Tomica is a place where road and rail connect together, and there is even an emergency service, Hypercity Rescue. The range includes vehicles, trains, accessories, destinations and playsets. You can find these products on this shelf.

We hope you enjoy looking at all the Tomy products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM.


Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs £11.99 Tomy Screwball Scramble £19.99 Tomy Aquadoodle Classic £21.93 Tomy Octopals £11.97 Tomy Winnie the Pooh Dreamtime Lightshow £19.91 Tomy Play to Learn Animuddles £13.84 Tomy Teletubbies Mini Plush with Clip Laa Laa £4.99 Tomy Play to Learn Activity Auto £19.99

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