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Our range of Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends is a British children’s television series that began in 1984. Until 2003 it was called Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and then the name changed. The TV series is based on The Railway Series books (available here) written by Rev W V Awdry and his son Christopher in 1942. It is said that the stories in the books are what Rev Awdry told his son to keep him entertained while he was recovering from measles. The books are all about the adventures of a group of trains and road vehicles who live on the fictional Island of Sodor.

This little blue engine, Thomas is popular all over the world and you can find pretty much anything that you would like with a Thomas theme. In the Thomas and Friends Room here at WWSM, we have some of the many toys that have been made for children so that they can enjoy playing with one of their favourite characters. Please take a look at the different shelf descriptions below to find out what we stock.

Thomas Puzzles & Games – as we mentioned earlier there are so many products available with a Thomas theme not just model trains. This shelf has just a few of these products like the Thomas & Friends Right on Time Puzzle and the Bath Squirters to make bathtime fun!

Wooden Railway – your Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway will not be complete without Thomas and his friends and there are plenty to choose from on this shelf, like Terence and Molly. Did you know that the TV series has over 130 different characters in it! You can make your railway as original as you want by adding lots of different types of tracks like what is available on this shelf. Curved or Straight Tracks, large or small, Ascending Tracks and even a Wacky Track too, which will be very wibbly wobbly!

You will also find the buildings, bridges, tunnels and other accessories made to complement the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railways. There are so many different things to choose from that will make your railway more exciting, for example we have the Haunted Mine Tunnel, the Rumbling Bridge and there is also a Useful Engine Shed.

As you can see the Thomas and Friends range of toys and accessories is a dream come true for all Thomas fans. You can build up a collection and create an imaginary world of fun and excitement. We hope that you enjoy looking at all the Thomas and Friends products we have available here in the Toy Shop at WWSM.

Welcome to Chuggington

Brought to you my Learning Curve, this range of toy trains and accessories is based on the animated television series, Chuggington. Chuggington was created in 2008 when Koko, Wilson and Brewster began their adventure! The Chuggington shelves contain Interactive Railway Sets and Train Sets. Bring the exciting world of Chuggington to life with the Interactive Sets, using Smartalk technology each engine will recognise and interact with other interactive engines! Complement with the Interactive Track Pack and watch the world of Chuggington come to life!


Thomas & Friends Remote Control Thomas £25.99 Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Battery Operated Percy £21.99 Ravensburger Thomas & Friends Dominoes £8.99 Ravensburger Thomas & Friends King of the Railway 35 Piece Puzzle £6.50 Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Engine Thomas £11.99 Fisher Price Thomas Wooden Railway Starter Set £22.99 Ravensburger Thomas & Friends Right on Time 60 Piece Puzzle £8.99 Henry The Green Engine for Thomas Wooden Railway £14.25

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