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Engine Shed

Are you a fan of Thomas Wooden Railway and do you have a layout? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then the Engine Shed is just the thing you need.

When you get up in the morning and have just had your breakfast what are you going to do today? The answer especially if it is raining is play with your wooden railway. Where are you going to go, to the seaside or to the zoo or to work? I think the seaside sounds good don’t you?

Now you need to decide which engine you are going to use today to pull the carriages, will it be Thomas, James, Henry, Spencer or Edward you will have to go to the Engine Shed to see who is awake and ready to go. Swing open the first door oh dear Thomas is still sleeping, try the second door, James is snoring while behind the third and fourth doors Henry and Spencer are awake but grumpy. Just one more door to try, thank goodness Edward is smiling and eager to get going on his day trip to the seaside.

When you return in time for tea all the other engines will be wishing that they had gone too I think they have all had a busy day working up and down the line. Now they are all tired and are ready to return to their sheds for a rest and any repair needed.


  • 1x Engine Shed

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