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Brand: Sylvanian Families

Age Group: 3+

Kangaroo Family Figures

G’Day folks let us introduce ourselves we are one of the new families to arrive in Sylvania and we have already made lots of new friends.

Our family members are:

Bruce Springer (Father), he runs the Sylvanian Cricket Club and is the captain of the team. Depending on which team wins the toss of the coin he either opens the batting or begins the bowling. His finest hour, and it really did only take an hour, was when he bowled out the entire second eleven for only twelve runs and then opened the batting for his team and hit each of the first three balls for six. Wow what a win.

Sheila Springer (Mother) is a great all round sportswoman and is especially good at netball. She is often found at the netball courts playing her favourite position of goal defence or coaching one of the junior teams. She works hard at all her sports, encouraging her children to do the same.

Joanne Springer (Sister) like the rest of her family is sports mad. Her favourite activity is running or to be precise long distance running. She trains very hard at this, getting up at 6 o’clock each morning in order to run around the fields.

Joey Springer (Baby) loves to play bat and ball with his father Bruce. He usually misses the ball with the bat which makes him laugh.

Well now you have met us all please come and visit us in our new home in Sylvania and we’ll get the 'barby' going.

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