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Zhu Zhu Fari

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The ever popular Zhu-niverse is getting bigger and bigger. It now contains the new and exciting Zhu-fari characters captured from the wild! Get them all to continue your fantastic and incredible adventures with the Zhu Zhu Range! Have your very own safari journey with these new and unique zhu zhu characters. They are like real zoo animals but with a new zhu zhu twist on them.

The range Includes 3 of the most amazing characters zhu zhu (which means little pig in Chinese) pets has produced. The first is Mambo the elephant, this character is blue and pink with a white tail. Baako the ‘Zhubra’ is coloured in the classic black and white stripes. Finally Zuri the Leopard has distinctive pink and black spots. They are all perfect pets for your little monsters.

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