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Zhu Zhu Ponies

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The Zhu Zhu range has finally delivered the all-new Ponies range, a selection of adorable pony figures that the young girls will absolutely love!

Just like the rest of the pets in the Zhu Zhu range, they can gracefully canter around thanks to the built in motorised mechanisms. Build up an enclosure with the fence pieces and watch them prance around together!

The striking difference about these Zhu Zhu pets is that they have a fabulous long tale and mane, which can be carefully brushed into a style that you love. With the gorgeous hair and multicoloured plush fur it’s hard not to resist these adorable little Zhu Zhu Ponies.

The most favourite Pony set of all has got to be the Pink Gable Stable. It comes with everything your delightful new friend would ever need! There’s a little shelter to protect her from the rain, a fence so she doesn’t get lost and lots of fun accessories too! Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without one of the Zhu Zhu ponies, but there are over 6 to collect! Which one will you get?

It's like having a real pony but without the mess!

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