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Zubber & Charmies from Flair Create

Charmies Headband Designer Charmies Headband Designer £19.99 Charmies Magic Beader Refill Charmies Magic Beader Refill £9.99 Zubber Bounce n Catch Ball Maker Zubber Bounce n Catch Ball Maker £12.99 Zubber Design Wheel Creations Zubber Design Wheel Creations £19.99

Zubber is a special compound that you can mix yourself at home using any of the sets in this range of incredible kits. Once you have chosen the colour you would like to use you will need to measure out the same amount of the activator to ensure equal quantities. Once your Zubber is mixed you will have to mould it before it starts to set. The Zubber when first mixed will mould just like soft dough but once it has dried it is like rubber. Don’t mix any more Zubber than you actually need for each creation as the excess Zubber will set and you will not be able to re-use it. Once you become skilled at measuring, mixing and moulding you can begin to try multi-coloured models. The available sets will give you ideas and guidance on how to make your own beautiful jewellery, fun models and even your very own bouncy balls.

Charmies is another Flair Create product that allows your creative side to develop whilst finishing up with your own unique jewellery for you to show off. Design your necklace, bracelet or keychain by loading the charms of your choice onto the magic beader. Once you are happy, you can link the charms together to complete your creation. Wear them, show them off and when you are ready for a change, simply unstring them and start all over again!

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