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Vtech Pre School

Bath Friends Turtle Bath Friends Turtle £14.99 Lex the T-Rex Lex the T-Rex £18.83 Mohawk the Stegosaurus Mohawk the Stegosaurus £15.99 Playtime Bus Playtime Bus £23.75 Sing and Splash Fish Sing and Splash Fish £13.29 Wing the Pteranodon Wing the Pteranodon £15.99

The Vtech Pre-School is a range of colourful and interactive learning toys teaching pre-school essential such as phonics, letters numbers, spelling and letter writing. Vtech have used technologies in this range such as letter recognition technology to guide children to learn cursive writing to enhance their learning experience. The Vtech pre-school range will help ensure that a child is prepared for started school and can progress confidently through their first years of structured learning.

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