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Uncle Milton is an absolutely fabulous range of toys with science and nature themes. The brand has been on the go since 1946, after being founded by Milton Levine and E Joseph Cossman, and they have managed to capture the imagination of children (and adults!) all over the World with their innovative ideas and high quality products. The toys have major kid-appeal, rouse wonder and learning, and are a pleasure to play with too. The original range includes Explore It, Tarantula Planet, In My Room (and Ant Farm).

Uncle Milton’s Explore It helps children explore the world around them and has a very realistic Star Theater (Theatre) basically a mini planetarium for your very own room at home. The Uncle Milton Night Sky Projector creates images of stars and constellations which are projected onto walls, or even the ceiling for a particularly striking effect, and can be adjusted to coincide with seasons and changing months as well as to the day and even hour. The range also includes a Dinosaur Excavation Game in the Dino-excavator which is a bit like the game of operation but dinosaur style and is a great way to learn dinosaur facts.

The Uncle Milton in My Room products also has some great ideas to create wonderful effects in bedrooms and studies. The three key products in this range are Moon in My Room, Rainbow in My Room and Solar System in My Room. Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room hangs on a wall, shines like moonlight and can be adjusted to coincide with real life moon phases. The Solar System is similar as it shows in model form the planets orbiting the sun and Rainbow in My Room enables a rainbow to be projected across your wall at the touch of a button. Help children make their rooms extra special with these lovely visual, educational sets.

Another Uncle Milton product which is sure to delight is the Remote Control Tarantula which make truly horrible pets. They look just like the real thing, are a bit furry, and move with a realistic spider motion so these are bound to be a hit and just perfect for surprising unsuspecting mums and sisters! Yuk!

The Pet’s Eye View Camera is also a real giggle as it reveals exactly what your pet cat or dog gets up to when you are not there and also enables you to view the world from your pet’s eyes. Clip on their collar, set them off on their usual travels and then download the images for some fun. Embarrassingly this one will also reveal just how daft you look talking to them!

One of their most popular ranges was the Uncle Milton Ant Farm which took the market by storm and to date something like more than 20 million Ant Farm Habitats have been sold worldwide and has during this time been named as one of the 100 ‘Toys of the Century’ given its appeal. Unfortunately at the moment it is not available in the UK though so you will have to choose something else from the Uncle Milton range which will be just as marvellous instead!

Watch out for more Uncle Milton exciting new products as well as they are constantly developing more exciting new toys – we wish learning was this much fun when we were younger!

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