50th Anniversary Doll 50th Anniversary Doll £28.99 Free Delivery Classic Tiny Tears Classic Tiny Tears £24.99 Free Delivery Teeny Tiny Tears Outfits Teeny Tiny Tears Outfits £7.95 Free Delivery Tender Tiny Tears with Baby Monitor Tender Tiny Tears with Baby Monitor £27.00 Free Delivery Tiny Tears 'Classic' Interactive Doll Tiny Tears 'Classic' Interactive Doll £22.99 Free Delivery Tiny Tears Outfits Tiny Tears Outfits £11.99 Free Delivery

Tiny Tears is the original, and one of the UK’s best-known baby dolls. She was launched in 1963, when inventor the of Tiny Tears, Stuart Rose, developed the original 16” doll mechanism with Tiny Tears being the first promoted fully functioning tearing and wetting doll, making it one of the UK’s oldest brands having continuous market presence and TV support for almost 40 years. From the very first Tiny Tears doll to the brand new Teeny Tiny Tears and the Tiny Tears Deluxe, they have come along way.

With particularly high brand awareness and nostalgic, proven play value and trust, 2011 sees the launch of the amazing soft bodied electronic tender Tiny Tears Doll with an interactive monitor that lets the child know how Tiny Tears is feeling. We will also have many different accessories available, such as the changing bag that includes everything you need, like bottles and nappies, to keep your Tiny Tears doll happy, an Electronic Feeding Set that contains bowls and cutlery to feed baby, and a bath set that includes essential items to keep your Tiny Tears doll clean.

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