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The Snowman Plush Toys

Collectors Edition Snowman Collectors Edition Snowman £29.90 Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece) Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece) £12.99 Jigsaw Puzzle (XXL 100 Piece) Jigsaw Puzzle (XXL 100 Piece) £10.99 My First Snowman Stocking My First Snowman Stocking £9.99 Ring Rattle Ring Rattle £9.99 Snowman Bean Toy Snowman Bean Toy £10.99 The Snowman Giant Plush The Snowman Giant Plush £22.99

If there was a choice to pick the most iconic and memorable film from the 80’s, many people would pick ‘The Snowman’, a classic animated story that shows a young boys friendship with a snowman he built in the garden.

That may sound a little strange at first, but when you watch the animation you will instantly fall in love! On a cold winters day a boy builds a snowman, dresses him with a scarf and hat and gives him a little button nose. That night when the clock strikes 12 the snowman comes to life, becoming great friends with the boy that built him. The story then takes us on an exciting adventure around the house, across the countryside and eventually a flight across the town.

This shelf brings you a collection of fun little toys and figures that help re-live the iconic film. Cuddle up to an adorable Snowman Cuddly Toy, or perhaps add a Beanie Figure to your collection. If I were a child again I would have to pick the Snowman Stocking so Father Christmas could fill it up with presents on Christmas Eve

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