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Sylvanian Families Shopping & Eating

Boutique Boutique £39.99 Free Delivery Brick Oven Bakery Brick Oven Bakery £37.99 Free Delivery Dinner for Two Set Dinner for Two Set £7.81 Free Delivery Doughnut Store Doughnut Store £18.99 Free Delivery Grocery Market Grocery Market £30.99 Free Delivery Hot Dog Van Hot Dog Van £19.99 Free Delivery Pizza Delivery Set Pizza Delivery Set £17.99 Free Delivery Seaside Ice Cream Shop Seaside Ice Cream Shop £30.99 Free Delivery Town Series Chocolate Lounge Town Series Chocolate Lounge £11.99 Free Delivery Town Series Delicious Restaurant Town Series Delicious Restaurant £45.50 Free Delivery Town Series Grand Department Store Gift Set Town Series Grand Department Store Gift Set £109.99 Free Delivery Town Series Tea and Treats Set Town Series Tea and Treats Set £10.99 Free Delivery

If you’re going for a day out in Sylvania then you can’t miss the opportunity of eating in some of the finest restaurants, you could even do a spot of shopping too!

The Blackcurrant Café is one of the most popular locations in the town. Families come down on evenings and weekends to taste some of Marion Brighteyes delicious food. Customers can either sit inside, outside in the sun or even order a takeaway at the service hatch!

When your down at the park on a hot summers day why not grab a delicious ice cream from the Ice Cream Van. The Beaufort family have been running this van for years, and they really know their stuff. Customers queue up patiently ready to be served; I hope they don’t run out!

This range has some other fabulous items that would look great in any Sylvanian Families collection

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