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Spider-Man Toys

6-Inch Feature Figures 6-Inch Feature Figures £21.99 Electronic Vulture Figure Electronic Vulture Figure £26.99 Legends Figure 2 Pack Legends Figure 2 Pack £29.99 Legends Figures 2 Pack Legends Figures 2 Pack £29.99 Spiderman Titan Hero Series Spiderman Spiderman Titan Hero Series Spiderman £16.99 Swing & Sling Spidey Plush Swing & Sling Spidey Plush £25.94 Vulture Attack Set Vulture Attack Set £56.99 Web-Shooting SpiderMan Web-Shooting SpiderMan £34.99

Originally a creation for Marvel Comics, Spiderman is the favourite Superhero of millions of people. Spiderman, also known as Peter Parker was bitten by a irradiated spider, causing many changes in his body. Spidermans powers are superhuman strength, speed and agility, balance, Spider-sense as well as been able to produce a web from his wrists.

SpiderMan has one of the best-known villain galleries in comics. Ranging from the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom (The Black Spider) to The Hobgoblin, the Sandman and Kingpin. These villains have created groups like the Sinister Six. Most recently there have been 3 Film adaptions of the Comic books, with Toby Maguire playing Spiderman. The Newest is Spiderman 3, set for release in May 2007.

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