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Snoopy, It's a Comical World

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Snoopy is an adorable pooch. He originated as a cartoon character in a cartoon strip called Peanuts which was created by the late cartoonist Charles Schulz. In this cartoon he features alongside other famous snoopy characters Charlie Brown and Woodstock. Later he became the star of film and television shows and a worldwide hit.

He is one chilled out, articulate dog, white with black ears (looks like a beagle), black dot of a nose and a black (or sometimes red) collar. His appearance has changed quite a bit from the early days, where early on he was drawn much more dog like and looking a lot more like a beagle. Time developed his look making his head and nose bigger and ears smaller and flatter – you can see this difference clearly on the Then and Now Anniversary Mug. The celebration reminds us just quite how old Snoopy is – he first appeared back in October 1950. This was one of the reasons why Rainbow Designs came up with this anniversary range of merchandise in 2010 marking his 60th Birthday which is rather incredible really, and a real testament as to how much the general public have taken Snoopy into their hearts. These 60th anniversary gifts are bound to become real collector’s pieces.

This little chap is often seen pondering life laid out on top of his red kennel roof. His dog house later becoming an integral part of the Peanuts strip, with images often portrayed showing the kennel from the side profile. Or many of us may remember him trying to write down his thoughts on a typewriter, dreaming of a better existence rather than just being a regular kind of dog. As the series progressed Snoopy became more and more like a human – expressing the same kind of thoughts and theories. With his relaxed loveable nature you got the feeling that he was never in a rush to do anything, and was just happy chilling out watching life go by, doing a lot of thinking in the process.

You may also have seen him dressed up in goggles, scarf and flying helmet as he acted out his role as a World War 1 fighter pilot, playing it out against his arch enemy called the red baron! Other famous images show him in sunglasses, this picture being partly the reason as to why he became known as ‘cool’. Cool he may be but unfortunately Snoopy has never been that lucky in love.

He made a perfect friend for Charlie Brown his owner. Charlie loves baseball but isn’t very good at it, and he is also seen trying to fly kites unsuccessfully. He is very insecure and Snoopy is occasionally dismissive of his companion, however when push comes to shove his is immensely loyal. Snoopy also has another friend called Woodstock who is a small yellow bird and he regularly has to translate for him as nobody else can understand a word he says.

This range of Snoopy gifts reflects the humour and nostalgic feel that he is so loved for. Ideal for all ages, adults and children alike. The Snoopy plush toys are adorable and perfect for cuddling and the Snoopy in gift bags also make great inexpensive pressies.

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