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The Simpsons Mini Collectable Figures The Simpsons Mini Collectable Figures £5.46

Simpsons Figures and Play Sets.

The Simpsons is a long running, much loved animated sitcom series. Following the life of the Simpson Family: Dad Homer, Mum Marge, Naughty Bart, Clever Lisa and Baby Maggie, it is one of the most popular and successful cartoon series ever made. Set in a fictional town called Springfield, the show covers many different aspects including human behaviour, American society and culture and television – some of which are not that pretty but very, very funny. As at Spring 2011 the show is currently in its 23rd season and has been part of our lives for over 20 years, The Simpsons has run for over 515 episodes, and also has a feature film released of the same name. Often real life stars are picked to appear on the show as their own animated character, indeed many can’t wait to be chosen and featured alongside their favourite Simpsons icons!

The Simpsons opening credits and music has become one of the show's most memorable moments. Every programme opens with the camera zooming through the words, the Simpsons, towards the town of Springfield, following the Simpsons clan on their way home. When at home, they all settle down on their sofa to watch television.

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