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Airfix Engineer Scientist Sets

Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine £29.99 Free Delivery Build Your Own V8 Engine Build Your Own V8 Engine £33.99 Free Delivery Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Engine £31.45 Free Delivery Haynes First Tech Build Your Own Racing Car Haynes First Tech Build Your Own Racing Car £16.99 Free Delivery Haynes Internal Combustion Engine Haynes Internal Combustion Engine £26.00 Free Delivery Internal Combustion Engine Internal Combustion Engine £26.90 Free Delivery Jet Engine Jet Engine £31.99 Free Delivery

Here you will find the brilliant Airfix Engineer Sets which give an insight as to the workings of a real internal combustion and jet engine as used in modern day aircraft.

Each Airfix Engine model kit comes complete with all the parts needed to build a real working example of the engine and help you understand exactly how they each work. On these you do not need to worry about glue or painting as the pieces just ‘snap’ together or screw together (screwdriver included) and come ready finished. Components include all those required and are just like a real life version complete with light and sound features.

The Airfix Jet Engine Kit has some 50 parts complete with a spinning turbo fan and variable thrust control. The fundamentals of a jet engine include air compressor which requires power from a turbine and the thrust is provided by the jet pipe propelling nozzle. The thrust generated by jet propulsion is in accordance with Newton’s third law of motion in that ‘for every action force there is an equal, but opposite, reaction force’ – in that the fast moving jet generates the thrust. This type of jet engine is said to be a turbofan engine with a gas generator core which basically has a compressor, combustion chamber and turbine.

The Airfix Engineer Combustion Engine (previously called the Young Scientist Internal Combustion Engine) again is a real working model kit and this one has over 100 bits and pieces for you to build with. The fundamentals of this type of Internal Combustion engine comes from the burning of fuel and the resulting increased temperature and expanding gases inside the engine to create the force required to move the pistons and give energy to the crankshaft. In this model you have features such as the sound of the engine starting, sparking spark plugs and a motor fan as well as being able to see how all the key components move.

The instructions are very straightforward to follow, however Airfix recommend using these Engineer Kits for age groups 9 and over. A number of schools and educational facilities have purchased these models which indicates just how interesting and informative they are.

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