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Revell HALO Model Sets

Build & Play UNSC Pelican (Scale 1:100) Build & Play UNSC Pelican (Scale 1:100) £24.15 Build & Play UNSC Warthog (Scale 1:32) Build & Play UNSC Warthog (Scale 1:32) £23.99

HALO is a series of video games based around the life of Spartan-117; Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super solider and his exploits to save the universe from the deadly weapons known as HALO, a large halo shaped planet like structure equipped with a weapon capable of wiping all sentient life from the universe.

HALO is recognized as a staple of the first person shooter genre and it's multiple installments have been critically acclaimed of some of the finest games of the era.

This shelf consists of models sets of characters and vehicles from the franchise, both the UNSC's various vehicles as well as the alien Covenant's otherworldly technology.

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