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Playmobil Zoo

Hammerhead Shark with Baby Hammerhead Shark with Baby £8.99 Meerkat Set Meerkat Set £8.99 Sea Turtle with Babies Sea Turtle with Babies £8.99 Seal with Pups Seal with Pups £6.99 Swordfish with Baby Swordfish with Baby £11.99 Zoo Enclosure Zoo Enclosure £10.50 Zookeeper with Seal Pups Gift Egg Zookeeper with Seal Pups Gift Egg £7.99

“So many animals, Look! They all have babies” calls the little boy enthusiastically as the gates of the new Large Zoo open. The calf of the mighty elephant is peeking curiously from its straw hut and the little zebra is playing with the giraffe foal. On they go to the next stop; it’s feeding time at the Asian Animal Enclosure! “The little orang-utan’s can already climb!” marvels the boy. Next they plan to go to the Children’s Zoo, but there is so much to see on the way. The Zoo Vehicle with Trailer brings a giraffe to its enclosure, the clever Meerkat Family help themselves to food from their fodder dispenser and the Koala Mum at the Koala Bears with Kangaroo carries her little baby on her back! “We’ll visit the Children’s Zoo next time” the father says. The little boy is already looking forward to it. There is still so much to discover at the Playmobil Zoo!

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