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Playmobil Magic Castle

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The Magic Castle from Playmobil is where fantasy comes alive! Any little girl would just love these toys, and would make the dream of becoming a princess come true.

This magical world contains so much mystery and excitement, especially the Princess’s Castle (5142). This huge building is home to the beautiful princess and her handsome prince. There are various rooms, including a grand stairway that takes you up to the second floor. You can hide things in the secret turret chamber, and even dress up like a princess with the included tiara, ring and bracelet!

There are so many Playmobil extras you can collect to make your Magic Castle even more luxurious, such as the ‘Bed Chamber with Cradle’ (5146) or the ‘Royal Bath’ (5147).

If you require transport on the Royal visits then why not take the ‘Pegasus Carriage’ (5143). This beautiful animal will use the power of magic and her real moving wings to take you to your destination.

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