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Playmobil Dinosaurs

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Playmobil Dino's are coming!! Watch out! Various different Dinosaurs available including Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and the mighty Tyrannosaurus-Rex. With the Vehicles and traps, you can catch the Dinosaurs to keep the Playmobil People safe.

Children, still play with figures from the first generation and those who are too old to play, keep them or sell them. Most of the fans from the first People have become passionate collectors and are proud owners of quite a collection.

Follow me! the driver of the Amphibious Vehicle calls to his colleague in the Explorer Quad. "We have to get the Triceratops-Baby back to its mother!" Quickly they set off, careful to avoid the Spinosaurus with it’s Nest who rises menacingly to protect his babies. The Pteranodon observes the spectacle from above while the mighty Brachiosaurus in Rocky Territory remains calm. "Watch out, the T-Rex and Velociraptor's are going to attack!" calls an explorer "Hurry! I can see the Volcano where the Triceratops with Baby lives!" Suddenly the earth begins to shake as the Volcano erupts — luckily the Triceratops mother is waiting at a safe distance for its baby. She is pleased to see her baby again! Now, the brave explorers can continue their journey to find out which new adventures are waiting for them…

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