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Prepare for an underwater adventure with the Octonauts crew!

This team of brave animals search the ocean in their Octopod, looking for trapped animals or new areas to explore. There are a variety of animals that make the team including Kwazii Kitten, Peso Penguin, Dashi Dog and many more. Their leader is Captain Barnacles, a brave polar bear who never hesitates to get involved when a sea creature is in danger.

This shelf brings a range of fun toys and play sets, perfect for making bath time more adventurous! Each set features Octonauts characters and various accessories. The Barnacles & Turnip Rescue Kit is the perfect example. Here you’ve got to help Captain Barnacles rescue Tunip as he’s stuck in a giant clam. When it sinks to the bottom of the ocean (or your bathtub) the clam will open and Barnacles will have to capture him with the net.

The Octonauts Octopod Playset is the ultimate toy in this range. This is packed full of fun features including several figures, rescue tools and much more. Check it out!

One thing is for sure, bath time has never been so fun now the Octonauts crew has arrived!

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