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Numeracy Skills - Early Maths Measurement

Centimetre Cubes (Set of 1000) Centimetre Cubes (Set of 1000) £24.99 Classroom Tape Measures Classroom Tape Measures £9.46 Learning Essentials Measurement Activity Set Learning Essentials Measurement Activity Set £14.99 Litre Measurement Set Litre Measurement Set £17.95 Pan Balance Junior Pan Balance Junior £12.31 Trundle Wheel Trundle Wheel £24.99

Introducing measurement has never been easier with these perfect products. Children can learn to measure in the following; centimetres, metres, millimetres and inches. They can also measure their weight with scales and the temperature with thermometers. All these products are made from either plastic or wood to make then child friendly and suitable for use inside the classroom.

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