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Flags of Countries and English Counties | Novelty Flags

England St George's Cross Flag England St George's Cross Flag £2.99 Lancashire Rose Flag Lancashire Rose Flag £3.00 Republic of Ireland Flag Republic of Ireland Flag £4.10 Scotland Lion Rampant Flag Scotland Lion Rampant Flag £4.45 St Patrick Flag St Patrick Flag £3.00 Ulster Banner Ulster Banner £4.10 Welsh Dragon Flag Welsh Dragon Flag £4.75

Flags have had many uses throughout history, from simple communication to symbolising a nation. They are a derivative form of the term ‘Vexilloids’, a simple but unique cloth & carving carried upon the top of a pole. These were replaced by the modern flag during the late medieval period but they still remain in use for some organisations and street parades today.

National flags are those used by countries as a symbol of their identity. They cover various designs from simple three stripes known as a ‘tricolour’ to intricate designs such as the flag of Kiribati. Probably the most well-known and identifiable flag in present day is the Union jack, the flag of the United Kingdom. The flag’s current design dates from the Union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801 and uses a combination of the St George’s Cross, St Andrews Cross and St Patrick’s Cross which identifies England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Jolly Roger is a well-known flag that refers to pirates, commonly used by many real-life pirates such as Edward England and John Taylor to identify them to other ships upon the oceans. The traditional Jolly Roger is a design featuring a skull and crossed bones which symbolises piracy, but has been adapted through history to include crossed swords, skeletons and other spooky characters!

Not only is the flag itself a symbol, but the way it is hung can also have different meanings. A flag at half-mast is possibly the most common alternative way. This is a traditional way of marking respect and mourning after a death.

Within sport, flags are frequently used to communicate, instruct or warn. Motor racing is a great example of this as they use a huge array such as yellow to warn, red to stop and the well-known chequered flag to mark the end of a race.

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