Fisher Price Mr Tickle Fisher Price Mr Tickle £43.70 Mr Cheerful Mr Cheerful £2.56 Mr Cool Mr Cool £1.99 Mr Dizzy Mr Dizzy £2.56 Mr Forgetful Mr Forgetful £2.04 Mr Funny Mr Funny £2.04 Mr Fussy Mr Fussy £2.56 Mr Grumble Mr Grumble £2.50 Mr Grumpy Mr Grumpy £2.04 Mr Happy Mr Happy £3.56 Mr Impossible Mr Impossible £2.04 Mr Jelly Mr Jelly £2.04

This series of books and characters is very famous and has been since the early 1970’s. The author is Roger Hargreaves who wrote his first book Mr Tickle after being questioned by his son what a tickle looked like. This simple query led to the birth of some truly unique characters and publication of six Mr Men books in August 1971.

The original cast were Mr Tickle who has very long arms and is a tickler by nature, Mr Greedy who has a very large pink tum because he eats all of the time, Mr Nosey who pokes his big green nose into everybody’s business, Mr Happy who is yellow, fat, round and well, err, happy, Mr Bump all bandaged up and very clumsy, and finally spiky blue Mr Sneeze who sneezes a lot.

Rapidly the Mr Men character list expanded and to date there have been over 40 books in the series, a full book list of which is shown below most of which were written in the 70’s. Each book being based around one central character with a different name and key feature. 2011 is the 40th anniversary of these wonderful Mr Men Books and here you will find not only reading material but a few loveable squishy toys too.

Each book has a set format which is part of the charm – smallish, in a white square with a big picture of the character on the front, name and not a lot else. They still have the same look today as they did in the early days and this is partly the reason why we adults hold them dear to our hearts as we too can remember reading the very same words when we were small. Remember too the TV series on the BBC which was narrated by actor Arthur Lowe? Simply adorable.

Do you want to recap on all the names again? Well here we go, alphabetically to make it a little easier to digest (excluding the ones already listed above), plus a little fact for good luck:

We hope we haven’t left anyone out! The Mr Men stories have endearing qualities and are very easy and fun to read so start off your collection today, perhaps even for the second time during your life.

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