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Get set to create your very own enchanting adventures with these awesome Mike the Knight toys!

Mike the Knight is a cheeky but cheerful young knight from the Kingdom of Glendragon. Although he is still in training he shows the true passion for his job, and always helps people out when they’re in a spot of bother.

Mike the Knight has a really big job on his hands at the moment as his father, the King, is away exploring new land so his mother, Queen Marth, has put him in charge of helping to protect the community. Do you think you can help with this fabulous range of Mike the Knight toys?

Build up a collection of 3" Figures and you could re create scenes from the CBBC show! Choose from Mike, Ferd, Elvie, Trollee and Squirt. Each one comes with a cool accessory too!

Now being a Knight, Mike obviously has a very fine place to live. So why not add the Glendragon Castle Playset to your toy collection?! Mike’s house if full of strange features, such as hidden treasure and a secret slide found under the bed. There even space for his noble steed Galahad.

You love watching him on the TV, so why not have your very own Mike the Knight Toy set!

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