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Meccano design is a selection of cool and creative products aimed at kids aged 8+, which enables them to design and create their very own models. Perfect for any budding designer or inventor.

With shiny parts and stylish paints the creations will certainly look the part. Bend the steel parts to create sleeker curves with a more funky design, don’t worry though as these will always return to their original position ready for your next invention.

This selection covers all kind of vehicles including cars, bikes, tractors and bulldozers. Each set comes with a number of different ideas to get you started and the creativity flowing. The new generation models cover even more intricate designs with lots more parts, meaning much more possibilities! Some even include 3V motors making the inventions come alive!

Meccano is a fantastic way to get children learning and developing, particularly to help with hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. For generations they have helped kids understand the mechanical world, perhaps inspiring some of the worlds most famous engineers and inventers when they were young.

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