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Air Blazer Air Blazer £12.99 Free Delivery Airshow Aces Airshow Aces £20.90 Free Delivery Cruising Adventures Cruising Adventures £44.94 Free Delivery Daredevil Stunt Plane Daredevil Stunt Plane £19.99 Free Delivery Desert Racers Desert Racers £7.99 Free Delivery Drone Explorer Drone Explorer £12.99 Free Delivery Extreme Engines Extreme Engines £12.50 Free Delivery Family Villa Set Family Villa Set £44.94 Free Delivery Furry Creatures Furry Creatures £17.99 Green Cruiser Green Cruiser £12.45 Free Delivery Highway Cruiser Highway Cruiser £12.99 Free Delivery Mighty Dinosaurs Mighty Dinosaurs £14.95 Free Delivery

Creator from Lego is a theme that’s filled with creativity. Each set can be made into three different designs. Take the ferocious creatures, not only can it be a ferocious crocodile but also a prehistoric dinosaur and dangerous sea fish! Three different models in one box!

The most popular creature is the Rescue Robot, (set number 5764). This mean machine is fully armoured and uses rocket boosters to soar through the skies. For other missions it can be re-built into a robocat or laserbot.

Not only are there quirky creatures, but houses, cars, trucks and planes so the Creator range is great for any child with that imaginative mind.

The Dune Hopper (5736) is the perfect vehicle for rugged terrain and off-road driving. With real working rear suspension it will breeze across the dunes. Getting sick of the dirt? Rebuild into a quad bike, or even a trike for cruising down the open road.

With the variety of vehicles, creatures and buildings Creator is brilliant for the budding driver, flyer, digger or robot lover.

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