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Lego Legends of Chima

CHI Cragger CHI Cragger £10.99 CHI Eris CHI Eris £10.99 CHI Lavel CHI Lavel £10.99 CHI Razer CHI Razer £10.99 Chima Cragger's Command Ship Chima Cragger's Command Ship £69.99 Chima Laval's Royal Fighter Chima Laval's Royal Fighter £39.99 Eglor's Twin Bike Eglor's Twin Bike £19.99 Gorzan's Gorilla Striker Gorzan's Gorilla Striker £49.99 Scorm's Scorpion Stinger Scorm's Scorpion Stinger £34.99 Worriz' Combat Lair Worriz' Combat Lair £59.99

Legends of Chima is the brand new theme from Lego! Eight animal tribes fight for the powerful resource named Chi. The animal tribes are Lion, Eagle, Raven, Gorilla, Wolf, Bear, Rhino and Crocodile. Before the fierce, deadly battle begun, the majestic world of Chima was a paradise like no other. Unfortunately since the downfall, some animals became overwhelmed with greed for the Chi orbs. The battle began when the Lions, the protectors of the Ancient Pool of Chi attempted to guard the Chi from the insatiable Crocodiles.

The Crocodile Prince Cragger continues to fight for a larger share of the special Chi, much to the Lions disdain. The Legends of Chima describes the stories of the dangerous fights and battles that have commenced since the animal tribes begun the war over Chi.

So, whether you want to be a sneaky Raven like Razcal and become an expert thief whilst using your glider to protect your precious Chi, or a loyal Lion like Lennox, enjoy the many adventures of Chima and battle for hours of fun!

You may also want to expand the world of Chima with one of the many exciting games. Improve your accuracy with Equila the Eagle and the Target Practice game. Alternatively, try your luck and fire Razar on his Speedor through the Ring of Fire! Whatever skills you want to improve, they will all come in handy when you need to protect or collect the precious Chi.

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