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Kitty & Puppy Surprise Toys & Games

Pet Surprise Mystery Plush Pet Surprise Mystery Plush £15.99 Free Delivery Plush (Wave 7) Plush (Wave 7) £28.99 Free Delivery Plush (Wave 8) Plush (Wave 8) £27.99 Free Delivery Puppy & Unicorn Surprise Puppy & Unicorn Surprise £31.99 Free Delivery Puppy Surprise Plush (Wave 7) Puppy Surprise Plush (Wave 7) £28.99 Free Delivery Puppy Surprise Plush Wave 4 Puppy Surprise Plush Wave 4 £25.99 Free Delivery Safari Surprise Plush Assorted Safari Surprise Plush Assorted £27.90 Free Delivery

Surprise, Surprise! Puppy/Kitty Surprise features a soft and huggable mummy Dog/Cat with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. Will there be three, four, or even five? One Kitten/Puppy in each litter will have surprise sounds just like real Kittens/puppies!

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