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Hero 108 is an animated television show, which was first shown in March 2010 and is set in a world called The Hidden Kingdom. Once a world of peace and harmony in which animals and humans lived together as equals, The Hidden Kingdom, has been torn apart by an evil ruler. HighRoller has convinced the animals of this land that the humans are their enemies. After creating bad feeling and distrust amongst the inhabitants of the kingdom, HighRoller forms animal armies to mistreat the humans and drive them all out of their homes. However, a glimmer of hope reigns and this is thanks to a rebel force of young heroes. Living in a huge abandoned turtle shell called Big Green, this team of heroes work to protect the humans from HighRoller and restore peace and harmony to the Hidden Kingdom.

The elite team of heroes, which live in Big Green, are known as First Squad and consist of Lin Chung, Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia and Jumpy Ghostface. Together they will have to defeat a variety of fierce enemy creatures, such as fire breathing Ligers and magic lantern wielding Zebras, in order to win back the kingdom. Slowly but surely our heroes will assure each and every animal in the kingdom that the HighRoller has mislead them and that the humans mean them no harm. As each group of animals succumbs to the First Squad and agrees to join the Big Green team, they are given particular duties that are best suited to the skills and abilities that they have displayed.

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