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You have found our Dolls Houses & Dolls Furniture shelf. Whether you are a serious collector or a little girl who would love a wooden dolls house to play with, you will find everything that you could possibly want on this shelf. The star of the show and indeed our best-selling wooden dolls house simply has to be the Marlborough. A spectacular 3-storied house in a very traditional style with a front and roof that open to allow easy access for furniture it is every little girls dream.

The Marlborough can stand up to any amount of rough play due to its sturdy construction. Also available as an add-on is a basement extension. What could you use that for maybe a granny annexe or a games room? With the Marlborough Dolls House you will be the envy of all your friends.

Take a look at our range of furniture to go in your house you can furnish all of your rooms. You can choose from, bathroom, kitchen, nursery, children’s bedroom, bedroom and living room. All of these items are crafted from wood and are perfect in every detail. When you have chosen which of the furniture sets you would like don’t forget the family dog, check out the Pet Accessories Set and last but not least, choose which doll family you would like to live in your dolls house and don’t forget grandma!!

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