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This is a range of games by Combat Force and consists of a toy AK47 Air Dart Gun, MP5 Grenade Launcher and Jumbo Toy Soldiers pack which are part of the Assault Mission series.

The design of both the AK47 and MP5 are based on a real life rifles to a certain extent and mimic their design looks in some ways. They are however clearly toys as evidenced by their bright orange colouring with camouflage markings. No way can they be mistaken for a real weapon, they are after all a toy, designed to be played with by children, and designed to look like a toy and in no way appear like a real weapon. They are not dangerous, won’t hurt anyone and are good fun.

The AK47 Air Dart fires darts whereas the MP5 Grenade Launcher fires light plastic balls through the air. Both are great for use as target practice either using a paper target or to fire against drinks cans for example.

The real life MP5 is a widely used military submachine gun and was originally designed in the 1960’s by a German manufacturer called Heckler & Koch. A grenade launcher can be attached to this weapon. The AK47 in the real world is an assault rifle and is also known as a Kalashnikov as it was developed by a Russian with this surname.

The last part of this range is a jumbo bag of toy soldiers for you to design your own battle with. What boy (or girl) doesn’t enjoy playing with toy soldiers? The bargain price also means you can easily extend your forces.

These toy guns and soldiers make for great outdoor action toys and for military role play.

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