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This brilliant range from ZooBooKoo all started when a busy mum asked her husband to redesign a cube in his shed based on an old Victorian Puzzle game. This led to the creation of the ZooBooKoo Cube Books and the brand has since gone from strength to strength with more products being added to the range such as the Secret Scholars and Dude Dice. Today the business is still run by the same husband and wife team, Stephen & Karen, and Karen now calls herself a Mumpreneur!

The ranges are based on the same principles – fun, facts and form. The products contain enough information to be informative yet not too much to be overbearing. Most of all the cubes and games are fun to use which makes learning enjoyable and much more likely to sink in. They are multi level as well so as the brain develops there is something else to discover.

These patented ZooBooKoo cubes are inspirational and are very enjoyable to handle being extremely tactile – for adults as well as children. The more they are handled the more information is revealed from inside – making them quite difficult to put down. It is amazing too just how many facts they have managed to fit onto each cube within a cube, each ‘brick’ flips over to reveal more information on the inner faces and to combine with other bricks to create a larger picture. They are about 6cmx6cmx6cm in size, have 8 inner bricks, and are hand assembled. The designs are printed onto a form of plastic paper, which makes them very durable, and normally last up to a massive 10,000 turns.

The ZooBooKoo Activity Cubes are brilliant for learning new things. Starting from alphabets and numbers to Maps or Football plus many more! They’re not only Educational but fun too. The ZooBooKoo Human Body Cube is one of the most popular and we have even seen this being bought by an alternative health practitioner to help show her patients various body parts and systems which shows how informative they really are.

The Secret Scholar range is just as good and has an innovative form of ‘Magic Ink’ that is used to hide the answer. The answer is only revealed when a finger is placed on the black ink block; the resulting heat making the black bit disappear and the answer appear. It then goes black again after a few minutes to be reused along with the wipe-clean boards and dry wipe pens. This is the very reason why they are so popular with educational establishments such as schools.

Next we have Dude Dice which are a great way to learn numbers and mental arithmetic – the die are thrown, you then need to add up who gets the highest score and who wins the dudes which on the Dino Dice set are of course Dinosaurs. A great travel game complete with pocket pouch.

All in all ZooBooKoo Cube Books are great ways to educate – without them even knowing. Do try and let the kids have a go though!

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