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Chicco 3 Months+ is a range of toys specially designed for First Months and includes rattles, first toys, bath time products, strolling toys and baby gyms. It covers the period 3 Months and over and 6 Months + up to 9 months. All of these are developed by Chicco’s in house design team to offer all the stimulations necessary during each stage of growth. They are also designed in conjunction with Chicco’s Colour Research which ensures each toy produced helps with chromatic perception and visual stimulation. So different colour schemes are brought in across the age groups to ensure they offer the best stimuli possible suitable for that child’s visual and cognitive abilities. For instance at three months a baby can start to distinguish between primary colours and at around 4 and 5 months they can view toys and focus on them a few metres away so the toy’s design takes this into account.

At around 3 months a baby can manage to hold interest in a toy and follow its movement with their eyes, noises will also make them turn their heads. From 3 to 6 months babies start to reach for toys and grasp objects when they get them (through something called a Palmar reflex which is where the fingers automatically close and grasp around an object placed in the palm) taking them into their hands, (as well as trying to put them in their mouth of course!) so toys that encourage and stimulate this tactile ability are important. They also need to stimulate audio senses to encourage auditory skills.

Rattles are useful in the early stages as there is plenty to grab hold of, gnaw on and interest. The Early Grasp Rattles are so designed to help babies develop their first manual activities and have a number of different actions. Some rattles have the traditional rattling balls internally, like the Rainbow Sphere, but some also have an electronic musical action such as Fun Rhythms and First Vehicles.

Rattles useful for teething include ones with soft plastic discs and most are designed to include some element of this. Other rattles are specifically designed for teething and are all plastic such as the Boy & Girl Rattles, Teething Key Ring, Soft Keys and Fun Teething Rattles which are all designed with soft plastic parts to give comfort and relief for sore gums.

The next age group, 6 months+ (to 9 months), are when a baby will start to move around a little and start to crawl or shuffle. Listening to noises and music will delight your baby and singing and talking actions will also hold their interest. They can grasp toys very easily and swap them between hands. They can sit with support and roll over. They now can also easily make two syllable sounds ‘mama’ or ‘dada’.

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There are plenty of Chicco first toys for the first months. Ones which mimic real life objects include the Hello Baby mobile phone complete with pull down flap to speak into, the Rainbow Activity Phone and Rainbow Remote Control which although packed with activities, thankfully doesn’t change channel on the TV!

Spinning and rolling toys include the Roly Poly Kitten and Rainbow Spinner both of which are classic spinning top toys and the Shapes and Sounds Tambourine can be rolled around to encourage crawling as well as help teach shapes and make sounds. The Musical Roller can be rolled around too and this one as is inflatable doesn’t knock into anything in its path and if you like your baby’s toy to have quite a varied tune selection then choose the Spring Roller with Caribbean music, pop and country!

Chicco’s range of bath time toys includes soft play splashing animals which can float, as well as plastic toys which are more advanced in activities, some having a squirt such Captain Squirt, water wheel on, or swimming action such as the Swimming Whale.

Toys designed to be used on the move include the Baby Taxi which is perfect for use in the car as Baby can pretend to steer and check out the rear-view mirror just like mum or dad and perhaps even use the horn. For a stroller or pushchair there are a number of products which can engage baby including the Musical Bunny and Dancing Animals.

Chicco highchair toys include pilots, ducks and a spinning fish – the good thing about these is that they have a sucker action to stop them being constantly dropped on the floor.

Baby Gyms are perfect for use on the carpet, rug or changing mat and a baby lying on its back will be delighted with all of the activities available. With plenty to tug on and press the Spring Gym also has soft teething toys dangling down. The Duo Gym is great because it also allows play whilst laying on their tummy, plus it has feet activities too and a major bonus with this one is that it can also be attached to the side of a cot.

This age group is also where we see for the first time Chicco’s Bilingual ABC range which introduces babies to foreign languages through play. Teddy Count with Me is one such product and helps development of a foreign language through listening, using their memory and repetition. Teddy covers first numbers and words, animal names, nursery rhymes in English and French. Plus he is also a delightful bear to hug.

So we are sure you will agree, here is a comprehensive range of toys designed by Chicco for 3months+ and 6 months+. Just try not to get too carried away with them yourselves!

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