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Chicco Preschool 12 Months+

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By 12 months the visual system is complete for your child and they finally see like an adult. They also begin move around autonomously (for themselves) so are capable of getting themselves into all sorts of bother. This is why Chicco’s range of preschool toys aimed specifically at this age group of 12 Months+ is so important. They help exploration, hone co-ordination skills, sharpen motor skills and aid understanding of shapes, dimensions and association as well as providing plenty of fuel for the imagination to help develop creative skills. Here you will find activity centres, shape sorters, musical toys and wheeled toys to help in development of the above and also to try and keep them occupied for you to give you a bit of a break!

Two must have products in this range are the Chicco Animal Cottage which is a traditional shape sorter. The shapes drop down through the cottage roof and can be rescued when the little doors are unlocked which also release the animals shapes which can be posted through each door (for ease the roof also comes off too). It’s quite a complex little sorter which is why it is aimed at this age group – and will help with movement, fine motor skills and also logical thinking and association. The other must have item is the Chicco Talking Garden Activity Table. Activity tables have a wide selection of activities and can generally be used as a little table on legs or on the floor. This particular one has a wide range of learning capabilities, including alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours as well as music, rhymes, melodies and songs. And if that wasn’t enough it has bilingual capabilities too. (The Video Talking Farm, Happy Holiday Talking Car and Talking Video Phone are other Bilingual ABC products too).

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The Chicco DJ range is a selection of musical toys including DJ Rapper Mouse, DJ Mixer Piano and the DJ Mixer Guitar. Each has lots of play modes and different musical styles with the mixer products have the functionality to enrich the pre-recorded music with other features like drums and scratch effects. DJ Rapper Mouse encourages sing along with a pretend microphone.

Chicco also has other music related toys in the form of the Singing Orchestra which has speaking, singing and playing instruments as well as the ability to orchestrate. Let them discover the world too with the Chicco Sing Along Airplane and travel to different continents to meet new friends and learn their songs. Musical stimulation is thought to influence development as it stimulates all areas of the brain and what’s more it’s great fun!

Let music fill their ears and toys fire up their imagination with this brilliant range of Chicco Preschool 12 Months+ toys. Wherever there’s a baby there should always be a little Chicco too.

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