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Chicco is a well established and trusted manufacturer of children’s toys aimed at pre 2 years old. Here we concentrate on the very early stage up to 3 months, including newborns, and cover toys such as Cot Mobiles, Cot Activity Panels, Musical Cot Toys, Soft Toys, First Toys and Play Mats.

Included within this range are the very popular First Dreams electronic toys and these especially make wonderful gifts for new parents. Many incorporate the wonderful soothing sounds of classical music, including pieces by Bach and Mozart, along with the natural sounds of nature and lullabies. Some also feature magical light effects such as the Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector which projects stars onto surrounding walls to enchant and delight. For another celestial themed toy, Goodnight Moon helps babies drift into the land of sleep with gentle light and music and is available in two colours pink and blue. All of the First Dreams toys are suitable for newborns.

What lucky, lucky people work at Chicco – their job being to think about ways in which to make babies happy. They do this to be rewarded with one of the greatest gifts of all – that is the beautiful smile of a baby. Encourage smiles in abundance with this delightful range of toys and nursery entertainment created especially for the first months of a baby’s life, aimed at the age group 0-3 months.

Smiling can usually be seen between 4 to 6 weeks, but if you are lucky a little earlier so do not just dismiss this as wind. Support early smiles with Chicco’s range of cot mobiles including the Relax and Play – which has two settings for both rest and activity as well as colours, lights and music. This particular piece has been so designed in particular colour tones to give a continuous and progressive development of your baby’s visual abilities, this product development coming as a result of Chicco’s Color Research programme. Also available is the Pilots in the Clouds for baby boys and Dreamy Mamma Rabbits for baby girls with rotating removable characters, classical melodies and night light. These cot mobiles are all battery run however if you prefer a clockwork action try the Spring Cot Mobile.

Cot activity panels are so designed to attach to the side of a cot and allow for closer visual stimulation and touch. A very clever design is the Lullaby Cloud which has a number of excellent features including a sound sensor for automatic activation of music on the sound of baby’s crying, as well as MP3 connection ability to allow you to play your own playlist or even download a bedtime story from Chicco’s website. Baby will also be utterly enchanted by the night time light scene of the moon and starts. The Mamma Lullaby Night Light soother also emits colourful changing soft lights as well as having classical tunes and nature sounds and this one even allows mum to record her voice for reassurance and to aid sleep – amazing! For a cot panel which can take a little gentle pounding by baby’s feet try the Sleep & Play Musical Puppy, which as well as being a soft panel, it can also be used when baby’s sitting as a musical piano.

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Both the musical Sweet Lullaby Bear and Twirly Flower can also be attached to the side of a cot and the flower face turns to the music helping to lull newborn baby into sleep.

For something which baby can cuddle and hold, one of their first soft friends comes in the form of a Sweetheart Sheep which has lights and music coming out of their tummy hearts. This bit is also removable for inevitable machine wash times. Another bedtime friend comes in the form of Sweet Cuddles Dream Bear who has a secret in his tummy which is revealed when the star is pressed.

For activity outside the cot a Play Mat is a must and the Chicco Singing Animals Playmat has nursery rhymes as well as animal sounds and an activity for baby to press on each animal. Perfect for baby to crawl all over and no worries about drool – it can be popped in the washer too!

Here you will also find the Ergo Gym line Baby Trainer. Ergo Gym products were created in conjunction with leading University experts in the field of ergonomics (how humans, newborns in this instance, interact with products). They are so designed to encourage their natural desires for movement and allow movement which can be targeted towards individual baby’s capabilities helping to develop motor skills. The Baby Trainer Gym can be used from newborn where baby can lie on its back on the padded base and watch and then touch the light and melody panel right through to 9 months+ where they can use the toy as more of a panel table making full use of this product’s system of adjustment.

Help baby to calm and relax as well as to discover their new environment and stimulate and develop their senses from word go with these magical Chicco newborn toys.

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