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This is a range of Chicco Toys suitable Girls and Boys of age groups around 2 years and includes Sit ‘n’ Rides, Vehicles, Radio Control toys, dolls, and also playhouses.

Children of this age just love to explore on their own and a Sit ‘n’ Ride allows them to feel independent and explore the garden and home. They also help sharpen up motor skills and teach balance and control (sometimes the hard way of course! And that’s why they come with removable stabilisers).

Quite a few products in this range are branded Ducati, which is a world famous Italian motorbike designer so immediately is of interest to little boys and lovers of motorbikes (including adults!). Toy Motorbikes coming as a ride on Ducati Monster, Turbo Touch Ducati racer which can travel up to 10 metres, and the Ducati 1198 Radio Control bike. Understandably these are extremely popular.

This is an age of independence – as babies become little girls and boys they want to do more and more for themselves. They also like to run around, tackle stairs and partake in cooperative play. They can be quite demanding and crave attention and they are quite chatty by now, piecing together sentences and asking oodles of questions. They may even have an imaginary friend too. This is why Chicco’s toys have been developed to invent roles and actions and can be used in play alone or with friends to stimulate curiosity and experiment.

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This Chicco range is also quite clearly distinct in their choices for girls and boys as it is at this age taste and behaviour begin to differentiate and orient towards either male or female role models. Boy’s toys in this range are focused on vehicles such as the Billy Big Wheels or Johnny Coupe, with the girl’s toys being predictably dolls, examples being Chicca and Kikla. That’s not to say though that both sexes won’t enjoy them of course.

One to be enjoyed by both boys and girls is the 1 two 3 Playhouse which is unusually decorated inside and out for role play and looks great on display too which is also quite unusual for play tents!

As babies turn into little run-arounds you will need plenty of help, so thank goodness for Chicco.

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