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This range of Chicco Toys focuses on the age group 9 months+. The toys are designed to take into account of development changes at this age.

Communication is an exciting discovery for little ones at this stage and a great deal of babbling will be done as they learn to express themselves. A lot of these Chicco toys allow them to learn through listening to sounds and then trying to imitate them. They will also very much enjoy listening to music and the Chicco Fun & Music Bag is sure to delight with its activities, lights and music player. The Chicco Musical Animal Train is also very popular as it incorporates the themes of trains and animals (a win win!) as well as musical activities. Indeed musical and speaking toys are very important at this stage to aid development in this area.

There are also some Bilingual ABC products included here in the form of the Sing & Play Clock and the Talking Cube to aid communication. They are mini activity centres in themselves with a lot of actions, some in both French and English, so they can develop early language skills which are learned alongside their own mother language with ease. The clock of course is also designed to teach the time and has both analogue and digital displays and this is done through the use of 14 nursery rhymes and times of the day announcements. The Chicco Talking Cube is packed full of things to do and teaches number, letters, shapes, colours and 4 little songs.

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The age group 9m+ begins to be able to grasp in more of a pincer fashion, thus having more dexterity and they also can distinguish shades of colours. In terms of sitting they can do so unsupported and from that stance start to wiggle or crawl. The Chicco Super Rocking Rings helps with all of these skills – baby can learn to stack the coloured and rattling rings on top of each other (in the correct order) and its rocking action makes this task a little more tricky so extra concentration and movement is required.

Chicco have also developed a clever range of Magic Blocks which are magnetic building blocks with a double system of connection. Products such as the Polar Friends and Savannah Friends are part of this range and will help develop motor skills and are even suitable for the less expert builder. The container cube also has a larger number of cubes for them to play with – and each cube in the Magic Blocks range has a yellow and red connection end to allow the child to distinguish between the two and so helping in construction. Where multiple products are purchased they all work with each other as they have the same connections.

Babies will now will also start to be able to pull themselves up to stand against furniture, or toys, and begin to be able to stand without support. This is where the Chicco Quattro Car comes into its own. It can be used as a rocker, a push ‘n’ go for parents to push and steer, a push ‘n’ walk for baby to follow behind to learn first steps, and then a sit ‘n’ ride so the child can push it along with their legs – the modes following baby’s growth and development. It is also great for climbing all over so you won’t go wrong with this one! There is also the Chicco Baby Steps Baby Walker which helps teach baby how to take their first steps safely, and encouraging walking with a fun tune when the Baby Walker is pushed.

Discover the delights of playing alongside your 9m+ baby with Chicco.

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