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A livestock farm is only complete when you have a plethora of animals to keep you busy. They take up lots of your time, as you always have to feed and care for your animals whatever the weather or time of year – even Christmas Day! If this is the type of farming that you enjoy then you will have to decide what type of livestock you will be keeping! We have several different breeds for you to choose from.

Will you be a dairy farm with cows that need to be milked every day? If so, you will need the Friesian Cows on your farm. This is the one breed, also known as Holstein, with the highest producing dairy cows in the world. The Charolais, Simmental and Hereford are beef cattle that are raised primarily for meat. Perhaps you would prefer the idea of hill farming with those adorable little lambs and all those big woolly sheep? Maybe you like to work with those muddy pigs on your farm with their slimy snouts. Their pigsties will need cleaning out quite often, as they can get very messy. If you can’t decide then you could consider a mixture of animals. However, if none of them are for you then what about the horses, this could be fun! The Heavy Horses are those that have been bred to help with hard jobs on the farm such as ploughing. They are used less in modern times as these tasks are mainly now done using tractors. You could set up a livery yard where other people can keep their horses or maybe a racing stable with the fabulous thoroughbreds? But you will have to remember to exercise and groom them every day. Whatever you choose you are going to be extremely busy!!

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