Learning Resources Rubber Bands (Set of 250)

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Brand: Learning Resources

Rubber Bands (Set of 250)

Take one child who is bored out of his brains. It’s the first week of the summer holidays and he reckons he has played with all of his toys at least 3 times, watched every kids TV programme on the planet and managed to fall out with each of his friends in turn.

Everything you suggest he’s done, or doesn’t want to do, in short he’s been there, done it bought the T Shirt and now you are really going to suffer.

Somewhere deep down at the bottom of his toy box you remember he has a pin board that he has never used and he’s forgotten all about it. This pack of elastic bands and his pin board (sold separately) might just be the thing to spark up his imagination and inspire him to make endless brightly coloured geometric patterns thus keeping him occupied for an hour or two.

  • Perhaps he would enjoy making a ball by winding the rubber bands on top of each other one by one.
  • When he has had enough remember to see that he picks up all the rubber bands he has thrown on the floor before the dog chews them, swallows them and ends up at the vets where it will cost you a fortune!

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