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All about Revell

Revell have been makers of model kits for over 60 years. They have a large range of models available, something to offer to anyone who is enthusiastic about building models. Everything from Military aircraft, ships and vehicles to cars and buses.

Revell was founded in 1943 by Lewis Glaser in Venice, California, USA. Revell began by manufacturing a large range of plastic and die cast models of aircraft, military vehicles, cars and ships. In the 1950s they also entered the model railway market and made locomotives, cars and buildings to the same scale. In the 1980s Revell merged with another model company, Monogram to become Revell-Monogram. Although because of the Revell’s world wide name recognition they kept trading under the Revell name. This world wide recognition is still in force today.

Our Revell range

Here at the Toy Shop in WWSM we stock many of these amazing models. The Military Aircraft shelves have a large mix of pre and post 1945 military aircraft in different scales, from countries all over the world, like the Supermarine Spitfire or the Fokker Dr.1. If you prefer passenger planes then take a look on the Civil Aircraft shelf. There is the new super jumbo Airbus A380 and you can even make a model of a British Airways Concorde. There are plenty of Helicopters on the Helicopters shelf such as the Apache or Puma.

On the Civil Vessels shelf there are many Sailing ships from the past including the H.M.S. Bounty and the Cutty Sark. Or how about a Motor ship, you could decide to make a model of R.M.S. Titanic or the Ocean Liner Queen Mary 2. On the Warships & Submarines shelf there are battleships like the German Bismarck, Aircraft carriers such as the U.S.S. Enterprise and German Submarines from the time of the Second World War. You may need some personnel from the Military Figures shelf. Available in different scales, there are German, British and US infantry from WWII. On the Military Vehicles shelf there are many tanks and trucks, used by the Military in German, USA, UK, and the USSR.

On the Motor sports & Cars shelf you can choose from a range of super cars and classics including Racing Cars and Formula 1 cars. There’s also some classic buses, trucks & Volkswagen Camper van's thrown in there for good measure too!

The Apollo Space Collection shelf has scale models of Space shuttles like Discovery and Atlantis, there’s also some lunar modules too so you could re-create an entire moon landing scene!

On the Accessories shelf you can find all the paint, brushes, glue, and cutters you will need to finish your model to a high standard. With Revell you can truly ‘Build Your Dream!’ We hope you enjoy looking at all the Revell products we have to offer here in the Toy Shop at WWSM


Revell Contacta Professional 25g £5.99 Revell Contacta Professional 12.5g £5.99 Revell Plasto Body Putty 25ml £5.99 Revell Contacta Liquid Special £6.99 Revell Painta Brush Standard Size 0 £2.50 Revell Viking Ship Model Scale 1:50 £16.99 Revell Contacta Liquid £5.99 Revell Painta Brush Standard Size 3 £2.99

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