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Papo Figures and Sets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Papo! Papo offer a vast selection of figures and sets perfect for all ages. For almost 20 years Papo have been dedicated to encouraging children's development and enjoyment through creative play. Through creating imaginative characters and their high quality of manufacture, they have created a range that both children and parents will love.

There are numerous themes and lines to choose from so you are bound to find a character or playset that your little one will love.

Our Range of Products

Here at World Wide Shopping Mall we stock a vast assortment of figures and sets for you to choose from. You will find our range organised into shelves that can be accessed through the menu on the left-hand side of the page. There's a vast range of Dinosaur figures to choose from, bring the magic of fairytales to life with our range of Fairytale Knights and Fantasy figures.

Our Green Winged Dragon with Flame is perhaps one of our most popular figures in the range and it's easy to see why! With his blazing orange eyes and the stunning attention to detail on his fearsome scales and wings, this dragon will become a favourite in any collection!

Explore our range today

We are sure you will find a figure or playset that you will love and we are always adding new products to our range so keep coming back to see what new arrivals we've had and expand your collection today. Papo offer over 600 figures spanning various worlds and themes and we will continue to expand our range! With Papo you can bring playtime to life!


PAPO Green Winged Dragon with Flame £7.99 PAPO Mini Knights 12 Pack Tub £14.50 PAPO Dinosaurs T-Rex, Green RUNNING £20.99 PAPO Dinosaurs Pteranodon £8.99 PAPO Dinosaurs T-Rex £20.99 PAPO Dinosaurs Brachiosaurus £24.99 PAPO Smilodon- Saber Tooth Tiger £11.50 PAPO Fantasy Skeleton £6.99

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